Friday, January 17, 2014

Victoria Carriage Scroll Saw Project - Day 2

Yesterday I was sawing crazy! My goal is to finish it by next Monday.

Not much left now though, just wheels and a couple more pieces.

to be continued...



claude minipatouillis said...

joliment avancé

BiWuBär said...

Not only a turbo-needle but also a turbo-saw... those pieces promise a stunning piece.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Just jumped on board on this blog so nothing smart or witty to say.
People with scrollsaws fill me with admiration :-)

Simona said...

Carriages are another of those items that I love. I am now so looking forward to see this finished that whatever post will come from this blog will be a good excuse for me to rush and check it out!! And as I said already I really admire the fact that this is not easy job to work with a saw and you make everything clean and perfect!! Good luck for your project but I don't think you need me to say good luck... You are really good and I don't think you are good because you are lucky....You are good because you have great skills Natalia!!Kisses!