Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Compound Scroll Sawing in 1/12th scale. Part 2

So, I prepared patterns to be cut off. I used Cherry 3/4" thick.
First I cut the side with a swan. I used so-called "trapping" method.
This is how front side looks like

This is a back side

Then I cut another side of the pattern. Here you can see front side and back side:

The swan was born!

Next I cut the shell looking holder. I think in miniatures world it can be used as a cards' holder or newspapers' holder, or just for decoration on a table.

Last but not least, a snail was born. I don't care too much about this figurine but it was nice to practice.

Here is my trio:

After little sanding the figurines have this look:

to be continued...



BiWuBär said...

Absolutely impressive - and I think in this appearance even a snail is cute... ;O)


Eliana said...

This is really a amazing work!

Megan Wallace said...

Hallo Natalia
I just had a lovely browse through your blog. You are so talented, and the tutorials on your miniatures blog are inspiring. I will be back to check what you are making!

Debora said...

very cuuuuuute!