Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have first and only one follower! Birgit, thank you for your interest in my new project.
My new project is a clock. I bought the pattern of that beautiful clock 3 years ago when I had no intentions to work with wood at all. I simply was in love with the clock on the picture. Three years later when I went through my stash again (I do it constantly) I thought: hmmm, why not to try? Today I cut 2 more pieces for my new clock. I broke 2 blades already. Practice, practice, practice.
I also cut the base using a table saw and prepared other pieces for fretwork:


BiWuBär said...

You really amaze me - looks fantastic. If I would try something so tiny and delicate it wouldn't take me two minutes to cover everything with my blood... ;O)


Miniatures by Natalia said...

Birgit, the DeWalt scroll saw is the safest saw I've ever seen. You just need to try and you will be amazed that you can do it too. Natalia